industrial and infrastructure

we enjoy the challenge of helping to locate and blend necessary industrial or infrastructure projects that might impact upon landscape character and visual integrity

PFAG Draft figures 10.jpg


  • developing a scope of works with clients
  • landscape design to blend infrastructure and industry with landscape context
  • landscape planning, planning applications, appeals and public inquiry work 
  • landscape and visual impact assessment
  • landscape design to enhance perception and sense of place
  • strategic and phased design and masterplanning
  • detailed design work to ensure straightforward construction and long term management
  • green and sustainable design 

Key projects 

  • planning and mitigation masterplanning, lvia and eia, Codshall Farm warehouses, Essex
  • new largescale electric substations, landscape planning and mitigation, 3 sites in north London and Northamptonshire
  • planning, lvia and mitigation, 2 media masts impacting on the South Downs National Park, East Sussex
  • planning, lvia, masterplanning and detail design for private airfield, East Sussex
  • solar farm, planning, lvia, Kent
  • Nick Harper was a consultant advising the railways for 4 years and has also worked on many road schemes for the Highways agency and local authorities