chartered landscape architecture

We set up harper landscape architecture LLP as a chartered practice of the Landscape Institute in 2008 to be a friendly and flexible practice that can respond to all projects, all sites and all budgets. To date we have worked with over 100 fantastic clients, formed some great collaborations and the practice has blossomed as a result. We continue to be inspired by the projects that clients bring to us and constantly seek to find high quality solutions through our experience and passion for the work.


  • landscape design
    • green infrastructure, public realm, place making and urban design
    • heritage restoration or contemporary landscape design
    • SUDS and water attenuation landscape design
  • all landscape architecture work stages
  • landscape and visual impact assessment
  • masterplanning
  • landscape planning
  • planning appeals and public inquiries, expert witness
  • environmental impact assessment
  • contract administration
  • landscape management planning

landscape design

landscape design is at the heart of all our work and we are constantly inspired by the creative process from the 'big idea' concept to buildable construction details


  • site analysis
  • concept design
  • sketch design
  • photomontage and mood images
  • planting design
  • hard landscape detail design
  • contract administration
  • long term management

landscape and visual impact assessment

Landscape and visual impact assessment (lvia) is a key issue for many of our clients and we have enjoyed providing landscape and visual impact judgements for all sectors and all sizes of development. Many of our lvias have also been used as the basis for proofs of evidence at public inquiry, planning applications, appeals and environmental impact assessment (eia).


  • landscape institute guidelines for landscape and visual impact assessment used as methodology for all lvias  
  • rural and urban locations
  • sensitive or constrained sites
  • large-scale (new settlement or industrial plant) to domestic and local scale
  • landscape mitigation
  • lvias produced using adobe creative suite software



Masterplans are a very exciting part of our design work where we produce layers of design information to realise a bigger contextual overview. Our masterplans have been used for all stages of the design process from site location strategies to site specific projects and for all sizes of development.


our masterplans are

  • defined by clear landscape driven narratives
  • driven by strong conceptual ideas and intensive site analysis
  • created to enhance sense of place and cultural well being
  • strategically delivered with phased programming
  • feasible from conceptual ideas to detailed design
  • in urban and rural locations
  • formed by utilising the principles of green infrastructure
  • integrated with water attenuation strategies
  • layered pieces of information that can be overlaid and integrated with the work of other specialisms

landscape planning

We seek to use our landscape architectural vocabulary to transform planning policy in to tangible masterplan or landscape design driven projects. The practice provides a service for planning permissions, planning appeals, the discharge of landscape conditions and in particular for projects in sensitive locations


  • landscape and visual impact assessment
  • environmental impact assessment
  • planning application and landscape planning conditions advice
  • preparing planning applications
  • landscape and townscape character appraisals

planning appeals and public inquiries

by using our landscape knowledge and lvia experience we have provided successful landscape and expert witness consultancy for many clients and legal teams involved with planning appeals and public inquiries


  • landscape institute methodology used for core reasoning in proofs of evidence
  • good advice submitted for use with clients, counsel and the planning inspectorate
  • landscape design or masterplanning services offered to mitigate impacts
  • experience with sensitive rural and urban locations
  • large-scale (settlement or industrial) to local or domestic scale projects


contract administration

It has been of huge satisfaction that we have been instructed to project manage and administer the contracts of many built projects where we have seen our designs become a built reality so that our clients prosper as result of an enhanced external environment. The practice carries out contract administration for the construction of landscape projects with values ranging from £10k to £1.5m.


  • large-scale (settlement or industrial) to local or domestic scale projects

  • buildable and well developed detailed design and specifications

  • detail design for planning applications, discharging planning conditions and appeals

  • budgetary cost estimating

  • tender preparation

  • project managing teams (consultant or on site)

  • ensuring completed work is fit for purpose and long term management

landscape management

It is extremely important that the work we build will last. The practice offers a service to ensure that built landscape projects are constructed with long term landscape management planning as a key part of the process.


  • managing the completion of built work and the handover to landscape management contractors
  • the production of long term landscape management plans (5, 10 and 25 years), stating
    • clear design and management objectives
    • management prescriptions
    • management programmes and management schedules
  • managing a "monitor and review" system during the management plan period
  • offering proposed hard and soft specifications as needed through the plan period