green infrastructure

Every project proposal we put forward seeks to connect the site to its wider green infrastructure context. Constraints are integrated and opportunities revealed to ensure that designs are linked to, enhanced by and add to the wider landscape both physically, socially and environmentally. High quality masterplanning and design work combined with effective collaboration are a key for providing a successful green infrastructure service

High Line finished board.jpg


  • contextual site analysis
  • green infrastructure connection opportunities
  • design defined by mapped layers of contextual information
  • design driven by strong concepts, site specific opportunities, and context
  • placemaking for healthy living and working
  • strategic programming
  • conceptual ideas through to detailed work stages
  • schemes for straightforward long term management

Key projects 

  • Greenwich University roof gardens (in collaboration with Allen Scott)
  • Folkestone WW1 'Step Short' centenary intervention
  • the Inner Temple public realm in the City of London
  • WW2 Martello Tower public realm project in Eastbourne
  • Cambridge University Library public realm design
  • North bank of the Thames (Westminster to Tower Bridge) green infrastructure project
  • Marley Pit public park, Thurrock
  • Stifford Road public park, Thurrock
  • Spring Gardens, Lambeth High Street Park and Pedlars Park, 3 park designs in Lambeth
  • "Vauxhall and I"I project, Vauxhall Cross